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Another pilot in Mostar


As of today, Aeroklub Mostar is richer for one pilot, and it is known that people are the greatest asset of any society, including our club. What is truly commendable is that Žarko became a pilot at the age of sixty. This fact tells several important things, namely: Age is just a number, attitude is important, if you love and want something, then there are no obstacles, and his example can and should be a role model for all future members. In the end, I can only congratulate my colleague Žarko and wish him many flying hours. 


Meeting with SUM


On January 14, 2021, a meeting was held between representatives of Aeroclub Mostar 1949 and the University of Mostar. Aeroklub representatives were Jurica Kolobarić and Boris Džeba, in front of SUM the representative was Zdenko Klepić. The topic of the meeting is the entry of the Aeroklub into the possession of the property that it received for use by SUM, and the extension of the contract on the use of said property. 
In order for Aeroklub to take possession of the assigned property, a handover process between the Ministry of Defense and the SUM must be completed. Mr. On this issue, Klepić will contact the Ministry of Defense, that is, Colonel Asmir Sarajlić, who was previously familiar with the situation. 
As about 3.5 years have passed since the signing of the contract with SUM and the Aeroklub is still not in possession of the assigned property, Jurica Kolobarić proposed to add an Annex to the said contract, which would define that the contract begins from the day the Aeroklub enters into possession of the property that was assigned to him for use by SUM.

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